christmas lights safeThe festive season is well and truly upon us. While we’re still waiting for the snow to fall, Christmas lights are starting to take over streets across the country. The bright lights and decorations, inside and outside, are what many look forward to most throughout winter – but there are some important tips to follow to make sure the lights are safe as well as sparkly.

Indoor or outdoor?

Improper use of lighting is one of the most common causes of electrical fires. The main two are indoor and outdoor. So, before you put them up, check the purpose your lights were made for.

Outdoor lights are generally fine to use indoor, but indoor lights are restricted to in-house only as they are not capable of enduring outdoor elements.

Extension cord wattage

With so many gadgets being used over Christmas, extension cables are a problem solver that many of us use. It is only when the cords are overcharged that a fire hazard is presented. Make sure that your cord’s wattage can handle the amount of devices plugged in.

Make precautionary checks

In a bid to get our houses and workplaces looking festive quickly, many of us are guilty of rushing through the process without checking the decorations. Whether they’ve been in the attic for a decade or are new out of the box, all lighting needs checking.

Make checks for any frayed or exposed wires and any bulbs that are broken. Consider replacing older lights with newer low voltage lights – this will help reduce the high energy bills expected over Christmas.

Some snippets of advice:

  • Switch off the lights when you go out or go to sleep
  • Keep extension cords out in the open and away from rugs and paper decorations
  • Place your tree near a socket to lessen trailing wires

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