Utilising the unused space above yours and your colleague’s heads can benefit your office space both practically and in style. We’ve listed the benefits that your office will gain with the implementation of a suspended ceiling.

benefits of a suspended ceilingQuick installation

Our experience has resulted in us causing minimal disruption and downtime to the company whilst installing the tiles. Our time efficiency means that it will not take long for you to enjoy the other benefits.

Hides pipes, wires and ductwork

A suspended ceiling can cover any imperfections on the actual ceiling of the building. As an alternative to performing potentially costly repairs, a suspended ceiling will conceal pipes, ductwork, stains and peeled paint etc.

Sound proofing

Implementing these ceilings will provide improved acoustic qualities meaning that noise pollution from above floors is considerably reduced. If this is an important factor for you, consult with our team, so we can provide the most appropriate tiling to solve the issue.

Design choices

Careful consideration must be made when changing the appearance of an office space – it must remain professional and tidy for visitors and employees. Suspended ceilings give the option of a variety of styles, textures, finishes and colours.

Not only that, it’s for you to decide where you install lights, fans and other overhead features.

Resistant to moisture and mould

Suspended ceilings resist moisture, meaning that the space will be more hygienic and healthy. They will also improve the insulation of the building which means you will be better able to keep the heat in – reducing your energy expenses making the business more energy efficient.


Eaton are experienced in providing this type of service. We have proudly completed our suspended ceiling service on projects for the John Lewis Partnership and the National Indoor Centre amongst many others.

We also offer suspended ceiling maintenance which includes cleaning and spraying to restore existing mineral fibre ceiling tiles.

For more information about our suspended ceiling services, call us today on 01509 414 222.