There are many, many choices available to someone looking for an electrical contractor, regardless of the type of electrical work that needs doing.

Whether it’s electrical inspection and testing, lighting design or portable appliance testing, there are plenty that will claim to be the experts in the field. A simple google search for electricians in the area will through up plenty of potential choices alone.

You might think that the range of choice is a good thing but where there is an infinite amount of choices, there always lies some unqualified, rogue works people. Unfortunately, electrical contracting is no different.

We’ve all heard of a friend or family member that has had electrical work started but never finished properly by a ‘cowboy’ electrician. Maybe it’s even happened to yourself in the past. It’s frustrating and not to mention costly situation to be in.

Your goal is to hire an efficient contractor that is qualified and possesses the latest tools to complete the job with precision.

So how can you ensure that you have chosen the right electrical contractor and won’t be left with a job half finished? Here are some tips to choosing the right electrical contractor for the job that needs doing:


Like most industries, there are certain accreditations that you should look out for when selecting your contractor of choice. Accreditations cover many topics and certain ones may be more valuable and attractive in the work that you require.

One that you must look for is certification from NIEC which enables the electrical contractor to provide installation and repair services in the UK. Contractors that are accredited by NICEIC require regular inspections to ensure that they continue the same quality of work. This accreditation is certainly the one that you must look for most. Anything else is a bonus.


What better than having a recommendation from someone that has had a similar work done that you require? Check their social media pages, Trustpilot and a general Google search.

This should test the water and potentially set off any alarm bells. If you’re struggling to find much of an online presence, simply ask them to provide you with some referrals before you agree to use them. Steer clear of companies that refuse to provide you with a referral as they are likely to be hiding something and want to remain unaccountable for their own work.


One of the main qualities that are desired by an electrical contractor is reliability. Their service is most likely to be needed urgently. As such, a service provider is needed that can handle fast turnover cases with professionalism. With reduced downtime, you can get your electrical issues resolved speedily without hampering the productivity.

You can get a sense of how attentive they are by seeing how fast they reply to your enquiry and get a quotation to you. An electrical contractor that takes weeks to reply to you call or message probably won’t be the service provider of choice.

To eliminate all concerns, call Eaton Electrical. We provide electrical contracting for residential and commercial spaces, have a number of accreditations and have worked with organisations across the UK, including Waitrose, John Lewis and The National Trust.

For more information or a quotation, call our team today on 01509 414 222.