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A church renovation project, as well as projects for other period properties such as chapels, monasteries, convents or cathedrals, can all too easily go wrong. Whether it is restoring the building to be suitable for modern use or converting the shell of the building into a domestic home, there can be many unforeseen challenges.

Even if you have the look of a property worked out on the outside, getting the elements right on the inside can be equally difficult and just as important.  Achieving a sympathetic restoration look is one thing, but ensuring that all elements are safe and appropriate is another matter altogether.

Make no mistake; renovating a church is not the same as building a new house or adding on a conservatory.  Church renovation requires specialist skills and a solid understanding of the problems that could (and often do) lie behind the scenes in an old church building, even if it is still in use.

“As a general rule, the older the building, the more of an unknown factor it can be when renovation begins. But with churches there can be further complications.”

says Luke Czerpak, from Eaton Electrical.

“Because you are not dealing with average properties where you can see the issues that have occurred in neighbouring properties, you have less information to guide you. Add to the mix the fact that church buildings have traditionally been badly heated and occupied less frequently than most buildings of their age, and problems associated with damp can often be seen when you scratch beneath the surface”.

Our church renovation service

Eaton Electrical has a wealth of experience in working with the owners of period properties, including churches and associated living accommodation.  We can project manage the entire process, or use our expertise to work on the rewiring of the property.

Unfortunately, many older churches and cathedrals suffer at the hands of inexperienced builders and contractors. The result can be close to vandalism – unique features ripped out or poorly converted in a way that ruins the building forever.

If you would you like a quote for a church or chapel restoration project, contact Eaton Electrical to find out more.

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church renovation specialists