Despite the number of fires in the UK decreasing, the number of electrical fires continues to rise. Because of modern day technology, electronics surround our everyday needs and is now fully ingrained in our lives whether it’s at home or in the workplace.

There is now a battle for homeowners and businesses to sure up their properties to prevent any electrical fires occurring. Here are the most common causes of an electrical fire:

Faulty appliances

A common cause of electrical fires is faulty electrical outlets and old, dated appliances. It is important to get large appliances serviced as frequently as recommended by the manufacturer. Appliances that have worn and damaged cords should not be used as they can send heat onto surrounding surfaces like curtains and rugs.

Extension cables

Extension cables can be a really useful tool but misuse can lead to electrical fires. Extension cables should only be used for temporary periods of time, but it is common for them to be left for long periods of time.

Only ever use one extension lead per socket. If you find yourself always using extension cords, hire an electrician to install new plug sockets.


It is important for homeowners and businesses to make sure their wiring is safe. Depending on the building, electrical inspections should take place on different timescales.

Older buildings may not have the wiring capacity to handle the increased amounts of electrical appliances used in today’s average home, so it is vital for the wiring in older buildings to be updated.

Fake chargers

Many believe that with the higher cost of official chargers you are paying for the brand name. In truth, you are paying for a safer product. Fake, cheaper chargers can be hard to resist but they are often made with low-quality components that do not meet the UK safety regulations.

Eaton Electrical can arrange an electrical inspection at your premises.  This will ensure that the wiring is safe and up to date. The results of the inspection will be presented in a report. It will show any problems in priority order with immediate action and improvement recommendations.

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