There are a number of things that affect customers’ behaviour. The store’s layout, promotions and customer service are just some of the factors that influence a customer once they are in the shop, but one advantageous area that is frequently overlooked is the store’s lighting.

Tried and tested – retail lighting analysis

A series of experiments conducted in Germany has shown how the lighting in a retail shop can affect sales figures and customer behaviour. Held at the Globus, a nationwide store in Germany, Philips Lighting and the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence conducted the research.

Researchers spent two months reviewing the effects of three different types of lighting on a promotional display: uniform lighting, spot lighting and spot lighting and coloured up-lighting combined.

The results show that the combination of LED spotlights and coloured uplighting drives sales up the most. Over the course of the two months, this lighting setting led to a 6 per cent increase in the sale of goods on the promotional area and created the best stopping power by increasing customer visits to the area by 15 per cent.

Retailers’ lighting typically stays uniform across the board, but with results showing that different approaches can be rewarding, it may be time for retailers to divert from the norm. Adding soft pastel coloured uplighting (lighting that is aimed at the ceiling) to highlight products could be a significant game-changer for the retail industry.

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