A room’s lighting alone can set its mood and atmosphere. At Eaton Electrical, we provide lighting design for both domestic and business properties.

In domestic properties, one of the most common areas we are tasked with designing is the kitchen. The kitchen is where plenty of a family’s time is spent and when hosting a dinner party or social gathering, it’s where visitors will usually gather.

As this space is used so frequently, it’s important to get the lighting right to create a great atmosphere. Whilst it needs to be visually appealing it also needs to be practical for preparing and cooking food.

Using different types of lighting

The key to a successful lighting design is layering the different lights that will be used: ambient (natural light), task (kitchen spotlights), accent (feature lighting) and decorative (aesthetics). These are all important but are best when used seamlessly together.

Task lighting is an important factor in the kitchen as it is integral to helping prepare food. Direct lighting is needed wherever food preparation takes places whether it be on the worktops, sinks or hobs.

Under cabinet lighting provides task lighting whilst also giving a warm glow to the room. The strength of the lighting can be adjusted with a dimmer switch.

Traditionally, accent light is the least common lighting in the kitchen. However, as people begin to spend more time in the kitchen for entertaining, artwork and cabinets containing china and glass are becoming the focal point of the room.

If there are patio doors, or large numbers of windows around the kitchen, the amount of natural light entering the kitchen is an important factor in considering which lighting to install.

Key lighting locations

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, there will be different areas where you will want more lighting than others. In general, though, lighting will be more prominent underneath overhead cabinets and over the kitchen’s island.

Eaton Electrical provide a bespoke lighting design service for both domestic and business properties. The goal of all of our lighting design projects is to make sure the design fits the purpose. From there we will work on making it aesthetically appealing. To find out more about our bespoke lighting design services, call us today on 01509 414 222.