Carillon Court shopping centre


Carillon Court is Loughborough’s major shopping centre with over 30 high street names including Topshop, Pandora and The Body Shop.

Since its construction in 1971, the shopping centre has become one of the town’s most visited destinations. There is an estimated catchment population of 158,500 persons within a 15-minute drive of the centre, making  it a popular choice for visitors as shown by the annual footfall of over four million.

Lighting refurbishments in Loughborough

The centre was last refurbished in 1992 meaning that some areas, including the lighting fixtures, needed updating.

Eaton Electrical’s team installed new LED up lighting throughout the corridors and social areas of the centre which is approximately 72,675 sq ft in size. The installations form the latest phase of an ongoing programme of lighting upgrades and maintenance.

Lighting in a shopping centre is an important feature, especially when retailers are arranged only on the ground floor. A comforting atmosphere should be created that supports both the needs of customers as well as complementing the architecture. The lighting must do its job without taking attention away from the shops.

The new fittings at Carillon Court have been installed to improve lux levels as well as reducing energy consumption and maintenance required. The lighting not only creates energy savings, but it also creates a more productive and attractive sales environment for the retailers.



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October 27, 2016