Flamsteed Court – University of Derby student halls

University of Derby electrics The University of Derby has nine halls of residence for their students. Eight of these are used for first year students and the other, Flamsteed Court, is generally reserved for returning and postgraduate students.

Flamsteed Court offers premium two bed en suite apartments on the edge of the main campus site. Each apartment has a large, open-plan living and dining area with well-equipped kitchens.

Electrical project – 12 apartments

Eaton Electrical was contracted to be responsible for the project of updating 12 apartments, of which one was to be made suitable for a disabled resident. Responsibilities included overseeing all electrical work and checking compliance with building regulations. The task was high-priority and had a short timescale: all work was required to be completed within a four-week period, before the new university term began.

The project was completed whilst working in partnership with other trades, which meant that careful programming of work and allocation of labour were needed. Good communication with the main contractor ensured that there were no issues encountered during the project.

A specialist nurse call alert system with voice control and remote monitoring was installed in the disabled resident’s apartment. Alongside this unique installation, the building regulations were assessed: approved documents M and P and BS7671 compliance. Suitable lighting to suit the new interiors was also proposed to the university.

The short timescale proved to be no problem, with Eaton Electrical helping to complete the project ahead of schedule, allowing persons to move in well before the new term began.

We will be providing ongoing support and advice to the university in regards to the new installation.



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November 11, 2016