Private client – Heli Shed


Bespoke lighting projectEaton Electrical was approached by a private client who was in the process of developing an existing barn into a high-end workshop for helicopters.

Bespoke lighting project

The client planned to have the barn clad in timber and install a small mezzanine floor. For the project, our team of electrical contractors had the role of creating a lighting installation that would provide adequate levels of light under vehicles and display prestige vehicles. An important consideration for our electrical services design proposal was to be sympathetic to the timber cladding and to keep the surface containment to a minimum.

The final design incorporated a lighting system that comprised dimmable, low energy pendants and wall lights. The lights used were chosen to allow the client to be able to use a higher lighting level when mechanical work is being completed in the workshop and reduce it for displays and functions.

Both the pendants and wall lights were fitted with prismatic diffusers. Diffusers soften and scatter light, resulting in no direct light beams or glare. This fitting assisted the light distribution around the space and helped to highlight the timber cladding. A galvanised conduit and trunking containment system were put in place to give an industrial aesthetic to the barn.

Our work was concluded with the installation of a high-end intruder alarm system linked to an alarm monitoring centre. This gave the client peace of mind that the valuable vehicles in the barn will be safe and protected.

The project resulted in an installation of an eye-catching, functional and serviceable electrical system that was installed to the highest standard. The work has also left the client with plenty of capacity for possible expansion in the future.