Tesco has announced that in the UK and Ireland, they will run 100 per cent renewable electricity this year. Plans will be expanded worldwide by 2030 as the company has pledged to become a zero carbon company by 2050.

To help combat climate change, the supermarket has launched “tougher science-based carbon reduction targets for its stores and distribution centres”.

Over the past ten years, Tesco has said that they have spent more than £700m in energy efficiency, so the commitment to reducing their carbon footprint is nothing new for the company. In the same time frame, the supermarket has reduced its carbon emissions by 41 per cent, cutting their electricity bills by £200m in doing so.

Tesco will be sourcing their electricity from renewable sources but also has plans to generate its own as well.

Importance of renewable energy in the UK

The UK as a whole is transitioning away from fossil fuels. Being a company that is responsible and aware of its carbon footprint is of growing importance to consumers. Tesco is one of the first key players to commit and it is likely that the decision will see competitors follow.

The reasoning behind the efforts is to make Tesco a zero-carbon company by 2050. The targets set are to reduce carbon levels by 35 per cent by 2020, 60 per cent by 2025 and 100 per cent reductions by 2050 compared to 2015 levels.

The plans announced by Tesco might be out of reach by other smaller businesses but the proposal shows the measures that businesses need to take to improve their social responsibility.

Improve your company’s energy efficiency

There are lots of ways to improve your company’s energy efficiency and installing certain measures can reduce your business’s energy costs too.

Energy audits

The first steps to put the wheels in motion can be to get an energy audit. An energy audit will find ways to reduce your business energy bills and in the process lower your carbon footprint.

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