Lighting is an important aspect to consider for every retail business. Its importance is perhaps often overlooked in favour of other areas but research shows that the lighting design is a key influencer of the customers’ buying decision.

Retail lighting can be broken down into four primary types: ambient, task, accent and decorative. Retailers need to combine elements of each and use lighting to illuminate necessary areas.

Ambient lighting is the main light source for your store, ensuring that the store is not too dark; task lighting enhances areas in your store where more light is needed to perform tasks (e.g. checkout/entrance); accent lighting is lighting that is used to highlight specific areas, such as POS displays; and decorative lighting id specifically for visual purposes adding beauty to the store.

It is best to get advice from experts so that you can put in place the best design for your retail space.

There are the benefits of using lighting to direct and influence customers, but electrical contractors also service retail businesses to ensure that the space is safe and compliant. Aside from lighting design and installation, here are some of the services that an electrical contractor can provide to a retailer.

Emergency lighting

For obvious reasons, all emergency lighting systems are required to be regularly testing and inspection. To comply with BS EN 50172:2004 / BS5266:2004, the lighting systems must be tested, maintained and serviced.

Electrical inspection

The IET recommends the maximum period between inspections for commercial premises is five years or upon a change of occupancy. An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) looks at the condition of an electrical installation and, if not compliant, will provide suggestions.

PAT testing

By law, all business owners to ensure that all portable electrical appliances used are regularly inspected and tested. This is to ensure that the electrical appliances are safe to use for both employees and the public. Portable appliance testing is the industry standard way for retailers to comply with this obligation.

Retail lighting specialists in Leicestershire

Eaton Electrical has vast experience in working with retailers including electrical installations for John Lewis and Tiger. For Tiger Retail, we were responsible s responsible for the complete electrical design and installation of low energy LED shop lighting, containment, small power, data, telephone, fire detection and DDA alarms.

We are accredited to the NICEIC and ECA meaning that all equipment we use it CE marked and approved for safe use. For more information about how our electrical services can help your commercial business, get in touch on 01509 414 222.