4 steps to turning your business green

You can improve electrical efficiency without it costing your business a penny

Penny- improve electrical efficiency

Introducing a government initiative which could dramatically reduce your electric energy costs and help you to:
• Finance new equipment
• Eliminate bureaucratic paperwork
• Fund the most energy efficient equipment on the market

Reducing your firm’s energy consumption is simple. Eaton Electrical specialise in helping firms like yours to reduce energy costs – we do everything including the assessment, the paperwork and the installation. This might sound hard to believe but you could be entitled to a cash boost for your business. For that reason, you could replace all the outdated and inefficient lighting and heating systems without it costing you a penny. Sounds too good to be true?

Here’s how it works:

Carbon trust1) Eaton Electrical visit your premises to assess the potential for energy saving improvements and the most suitable equipment in an energy saving audit.
2) If you are happy with the recommendation, we submit the report to the Carbon Trust on your behalf.
3) If your application is successful, the installation takes place at a suitable time for you.
4) The cost of the installation is paid back to the Carbon Trust out of the money saved by the reduced energy consumption. So the cost of the equipment is paid over time from your energy savings. You don’t pay out a penny in advance, but you count up the savings in the months and years ahead.

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