Electrical contractors can provide a range of services specifically for what the customer requires. At Eaton Electrical, do everything from electrical inspections to rewiring of a whole property. Of course, the experience and expertise brought to electrical job are invaluable, but what are the main benefits of using an electrical contractor?


First and foremost, you should never attempt to carry out any electrical work; or hire anyone that isn’t an NICEIC approved contractor for that matter. By using an NICEIC approved electrical contractor, you will have peace of mind. The contractor will be competent and meet relevant technical and safety standards, ensuring that projects are completed safely and responsibly.

Eaton Electrical has been an approved member of NICEIC for over 12 years. We also have many other accreditations.

Save you money

Using a registered electrical contractor means that you use your money more effectively. Rather than wasting money on a series of rogue electricians or persons that claim to be capable of completing the task, electrical contractors will achieve the results you need for an agreed fee.

Rogue electricians may never fully complete a job, with fees being stacked on top of fees every time they try to make inroads in the project. With an electrical contractor, there will be no hidden fees and the electrical contractor will be capable of fulfilling the majority of electrical jobs on an agreed price.

If you are working towards a budget, having a written estimate that includes labour and material costs can be helpful.


Not only are you guaranteed completion of work that an electrical contractor undertakes, you will receive the highest quality of work. The last things you want once an electrical project has been completed is to find faults further down the line.

By being a member of the ECA for more than four years, our clients have assurances of the Warranty, Bond and Guarantee of Work schemes that comprehensively cover our work.

Not only do electrical contractors have qualifications and experience in completing electrical projects similar to yours, they also have a knowledge of the industry, This can benefit clients as the contractor will be able to recommend the latest electrical technologies and equipment that could help with a repair or installation.

Electrical contractor in Loughborough

Eaton Electrical provide electrical services for domestic and commercial buildings from our base in Loughborough. As well as servicing local jobs in Leicestershire, our team of electricians complete electrical projects throughout the UK.

For more information or a quotation, call our team today on 01509 414 222.