For a business owner, there are many considerations to ensure a smooth-running of a business. The last thing a business owner wants is downtime: a period of time when the workers can’t complete their tasks or customers are unable to receive a service or get a product.

It is very important that your electric don’t have a negative impact on your business. An example of this is suffering a power outage that means everyone in your offices is unable to use their computers.

Power cuts and electrical issues in a commercial electrical system can result in significant losses for your business. Downtime ultimately impacts the profitability of a business and long periods out of action can have a heavy impact on turnover.

Not only does regular electrical maintenance minimise downtime, it also ensures safety for all of your employees. It is for this reason that businesses need the services of an efficient commercial electrician. Here we detail some of the services that are useful to commercial clients:

Electrical inspection and testing

No matter how well it was fitted, all electrical wiring deteriorates over time. For businesses, it is essential to test all fixed wiring regularly to ensure compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, provide a safe working environment, and mitigate the risk of nuisance outages.

Our specialist commercial electricians can complete a full electrical inspection on your premises to ensure you’re compliant and flag any potential problems before it’s too late.

Emergency lighting

Health and Safety legislation dictates that all commercial premises must have an emergency lighting system compliant with BS EN 50172:2004 / BS5266:2004 meaning they must be properly tested, maintained and serviced.

All emergency lighting systems must be tested on a monthly basis and a test for the full rated duration of the emergency lighting system must be carried out annually.

CCTV/video surveillance

For owners of a retail space, business premises or offices, security camera equipment is a must to ensure the necessary protection of their investment. Sometimes, having CCTV in place is enough to deter criminal activity but having a surveillance system in place is advised.

Commercial electrician Loughborough

Eaton Electrical provide electrical services for domestic and commercial buildings from our base in Loughborough. As well as servicing local jobs in Leicestershire, our team of electricians complete electrical projects throughout the UK.

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