cctv cameraLarge parts of central London are set to have inactive CCTV operations after Westminster council announced they will reassess the amount that they will be spending on surveillance systems in a bid to save money.

For businesses in public areas, cameras located in the streets surrounding them are vital in finding the perpetrators of potential crime or vandalism. Westminster is the most recent council to announce that it cannot afford to pay for the running of over 50 cameras across Parliament, West End and other attractions in the capital.

The plans are to turn off and remove the 75 cameras from September. In addition to saving on the running costs of these systems, the council also plans to avoid spending the £1.68m it had planned on upgrading other systems.

Statistics from the camera systems in the area show just how vital the network is in investigating crime operations. The cameras contribute to 1,300 arrests a year and on average, the cameras record 600 criminal incidents a month including 144 robberies.

The reasoning behind the decision is that the main beneficiaries from the systems are the Metropolitan Police yet the Met does not contribute to the cost of running the system. The decision ultimately has a knock on effect to businesses in the area looking to secure their premises.

CCTV for businesses

Surveys show that in recent years more and more businesses are turning to CCTV as a way of protecting their business and its customers. It is estimated that there is one CCTV camera for every 13 people in Britain.

With many councils reconsidering the cost of CCTV and plenty around the UK only being used as a visual deterrence and not actually recording any footage, it’s more important for businesses small and large to fit their own CCTV to deter crime.

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