Electrical work is a necessity that must only be completed by a qualified electrician. It is dangerous and unadvised for anyone without the necessary qualifications to undertake any electrical installation projects.

When you are searching for a certified electrician to complete your domestic or commercial electrical installation, you will be overrun with possible electricians. There are plenty of options open to you but what are the costs that you can expect to be charged?

Like most things in life, this will vary depending on where you live and who you use. Rates can vary drastically, though. At one end of the scale, you will find electricians who claim to be qualified and will give you a deal that many find difficult to refuse and at the other there are electricians that over-charge and take advantage, knowing that the client is unsure of how much the work completed should cost.

To make you aware of the prices that you should be paying and to ensure that you’re not paying over the odds, we’ve decided to give an overview of typical prices for electrical installations in the UK.

What is an electrical installation?

 The electrical installation is the fixed parts of the electrical circuit. This includes the wiring, wall sockets, RCD domestic units, and distribution boards. The electrical installation is part of the building and is not portable, unlike appliances such as kettles and TVs.

Electrical installation prices UK

Some typical prices for common electrical work:

Replace light fitting: £40-60

Electrical inspection report: £100-£170

Install two power sockets inside: £110-£170

Install outdoor power socket: £95-130

Replace light switch with dimmer: £40-65

Fit an electrical cooker: £40-60

Rewiring of a property (three-bed): £2,500-£3,500

Rewiring of a property (four-bed): £3,500-£4,250

Making the right decision

 Whoever it is that you choose to complete your electrical work, make sure to do some checks before committing. Look at their accreditations and reviews from other people that have used them. Alarm bells will start ringing once you read a few one-star reviews.

It’s also worth noting that jobs tend to take longer in older houses. Electrics in new housing usually has existing wiring and fittings that already meet regulations so electrical jobs in older homes may be more expensive and time-consuming.

Leicestershire electrician

Eaton Electrical services both domestic and commercial properties around the UK.

Our prices depend on the job and can vary with certain factors. Following an inspection, we give a quote before each job to make sure that you’re happy with the price before we begin. This way, there won’t be any surprises.

To get a quote on an electrical installation at your home or commercial premises, get in touch with Eaton Electrical today on 01509 414 222.