The New Year can be a time for businesses to set goals to achieve for the year to come. Of course, the goal of most businesses is to improve profits. One way of doing this is to improve the bottom line; the fewer outgoings there are, the higher the profits will be.

A simple and effective way for businesses to save money, that is often overlooked, is the electricity costs. There are many habits for you and your staff to get into that will save your business on electricity bills. Along with some energy-saving fittings, here are some ways to make savings in the New Year:

Good habits

Sometimes, for some reason, the energy-saving habits you have at home don’t transfer into work the work environment. Some easy to fix bad habits include leaving computers on overnight, not unplugging appliances when finished and monitors being left on when not in use.

As the business owner, you need to set an example for employees follow by.

Goals and incentives

With a goal in mind, everyone knows what they’re aiming for and you can track progress. This could be on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.

To incentivise good practice, you could set up a reward scheme. If you have branches around the country, you could enforce a healthy competition between the branches. Most savings made in the year equals a prize.

Energy saving fittings

Whether it’s the lighting used in an office or in a retail display, every business needs lighting. To reduce of lighting expenditure businesses should switch from halogen bulbs to LED. Removing unnecessary 100-watt incandescent bulbs could save around £20 a year. Businesses can also rewire to give lighting controls, for example, a dimmer switch, to easily manage lighting use.

Electrician Leicestershire

For businesses large and small, Eaton Electrical can perform a detailed Lighting & Heating Energy Audit that identifies energy wastage. We can then find ways to cut your business energy bills, and in the process reduce your carbon footprint.

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