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Car park lighting upgrade after free energy audit

Eaton Electrical has recently been involved in a carpark lighting upgrade project at the head office of a large national building contractor.

The customer commissioned Eaton Electrical to complete a free energy audit for flood lighting affixed to the building and also mounted on columns. Upon inspection we discovered that the customer’s existing metal halide/sodium fittings were highly inefficient, and were costing the customer a lot of money to run and maintain. As this was the head office, it was important to achieve the required energy savings whilst also specifying fittings that are aesthetically pleasing.

The customer is now benefitting from both better lighting and lower maintenance costs – with energy savings of £1700 per annum.

The energy efficiency audit does not only benefit the customer however; the new light fittings will ensure that per year 8455kg less Co2 is released into the atmosphere, 3.95 tons less coal is burnt, 3.11kg less sulphur dioxide is released and 46.63kg less nitrogen oxide is released.
The customer was very satisfied with the end result and remarked that ‘the new lighting provides better light levels than our old installation and the cool white colour makes viewing CCTV images much clearer’.

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May 31, 2016