We all have our own personal taste when we picture our dream home. Some may think of a country home with a thatched roof while others may decide on a Victorian terraced house close to the city.

Research by poshflooring.co.uk shows which property types are most popular with Brits.

Five most desired property styles:

  1. Georgian detached 1714-1830 (23%)
  2. Modern/ new build 1990s (15%)
  3. Eco-build 2000s (13%)
  4. Pre-Georgian detached 1660- 1688 (10%)
  5. Edwardian semi-detached 1901-1910 (9%)

How the house date affects electrics

Some of the original features in these older properties add character such as bay windows and original fireplaces. However, areas such as the electricity need to be updated no matter the age of the house.

Although electricity was first used to light homes in the 1880s, it was not until the 1920s that electricity replaced gas as the main lighting source. The most popular homes are those built before electricity was the norm.

It’s important to update areas such as the electrics without sacrificing important features of the house’s history such as wall mounted candlelight holders, lamps and Bakelite switches.

Do you need the electrics updating in your home?

The first rule is to never take chances with your electricity. If you’re in doubt about the age of your wiring and fittings, get them tested and checked before you encounter serious problems such as electrical fires and shocks.

Domestic properties should be tested every ten years. Once tested, the homeowner will receive an Electrical Installation Condition Report.

Updating electrical installation in period property

Eaton Electrical Ltd specialise in providing bespoke electrical installations in older properties as well as culturally important buildings. We offer the skills and expertise required to ensure careful and sensitive installation and repair of building services that respond to the need of the building.

To find out more about the electrical services that Eaton Electrical can offer for period buildings, call us today on 01509 414222.