Despite what was meant to be a nationwide rollout, the smart meter will now be an optional addition for homeowners.

It was planned by the government to install smart meters in the 26 million homes by 2020. However, in the Queen’s speech, it was announced that the government will continue to encourage energy monitoring but homeowners will have a choice of whether to have a smart meter installed or not.

The change of plan is backed by 31% of consumers who think they should be given the choice about whether to have a smart meter installed or not, research by Echo Managed Services shows.

What is the smart meter?

Like traditional meters, smart meters measure energy use. The difference though is that smart meters automatically send your usage information to the supplier. This means that your smart meter will be able to show how much energy is being used in real time.

Ultimately, having a smart meter will give consumers a better understanding of their energy usage. By making it easier to understand, users may become savvier in their energy usage. Smart meters can also be used commercially for businesses large and small.

Knowing where and when most energy is being used gives businesses and homeowners the chance to make adjustments to better use their energy usage and carbon footprint.

Improving electrical efficiency

There are many ways for businesses, specifically, to reduce energy consumption – saving money and reducing carbon footprint. The way that this can be done will vary from business to business. Changes that would be beneficial to one business might not have the same effect to another.

It is for that reason that we make visits to premises to individually assess the potential for energy savings. We then provide recommendations for improvements and equipment in an energy saving audit.

Reduce your domestic energy use

If you are looking to reduce the energy use, Eaton Electrical can help. We can perform a detailed lighting and heating energy audit to identify energy wastage. We do this to find ways to reduce your energy bills and in the process lower your carbon footprint.

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