What could have prevented Old Trafford’s electrical fire?

A fire that broke out at Manchester United FC's Old Trafford stadium, the largest football stadium in the UK, on 30th January has been attributed to an electrical fault. Old Trafford is the largest ground in UK football, with a seating capacity of 75,643. The fire at...

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Electrical safety warning for landlords

Electrical safety is of high importance for landlords. Failure to keep electrical equipment such as fuse boxes, sockets and appliances safe can result in fines, bans and imprisonment. All landlords in the UK are required to provide gas safety certificates, but the...

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Right time to run electrical appliances

It has long been in the pipeline, but the New Year has seen the introduction of the UK’s first variable electricity tariff. This means that the price of electricity varies according to the time of day that power is being used. The introduction of the tariff is...

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Leading furniture retailer halves carbon emissions

Since 2009, the IKEA Group has increased its use of renewables, energy efficiency initiatives and reduced its waste. This has led to the group announcing that they have now halved their total carbon emissions from global operations in the past six years. How did they...

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A safe and sparkly Christmas

The festive season is well and truly upon us. While we’re still waiting for the snow to fall, Christmas lights are starting to take over streets across the country. The bright lights and decorations, inside and outside, are what many look forward to most throughout...

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Buckingham Palace to go solar?

It has been revealed by the Treasury that Buckingham Palace is to receive a ten-year £369 million refurbishment. The work is scheduled to begin in April 2017 and has been scheduled due to the need for urgent repairs. The large scale refurbishment is the biggest...

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Solar roofing tiles – the future of solar energy?

Tesla has unveiled a new design of solar panels that also act as roofing tiles. The innovative idea intends to be a more attractive proposition for those looking to add solar panels to their building. The solar roof panels are made of textured glass tiles with...

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Everything you need to know about heritage property electrics

Few heritage buildings were built with the need for electricity in mind. The complexities of providing modern services installation within a historic building, therefore, require sympathetic wiring solutions and attention to detail. With plenty of heritage and listed...

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International beverage company plans to cut emissions by half

The bottling arm of the Coca-Cola company, Coca-Cola HBC has pledged to halve the 2010 emissions rate by the end of the decade. In the latest sustainability update for 2020, Coca-Cola has committed to reducing direct energy consumption by 50 per cent. The company...

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Electrical fire destroys three local businesses

According to fire crews, a fire that destroyed three takeaways in Bulwell, Nottinghamshire was probably caused by an electrical fault following an investigation. Four fire engines were sent to a restaurant electrical fire that started in the Chinese takeaway and soon...

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